How does a Francis Turbine Work? An-Overview

francis turbine

The Francis turbine is a grouping of a reaction turbine and an impulse turbine that uses the reaction force and impulse force of the water flowing through the rotating blades that generates electricity more efficiently. These turbines use to generate in different hydropower plants for producing electricity. These mainly work on two turbine flow theory. … Read more

What is an Impulse Turbine?

An impulse turbine is a famous type of turbine that drives by a high-speed jet of steam or water from a nozzle guided at a bucket or blade connected to a wheel. The resulting momentum (as explained in Newton’s second law of motion) turns the turbine and eliminates K.E by the flowing liquid. Before reaching … Read more

How Does A Reaction Turbine Work?

reaction turbine

In a reaction turbine, the blades are placed in a large amount of liquid and rotate as the fluid flows through the blades. A reaction turbine does not change the orientation of the liquid flow as much as impulse turbines. It only spins when the liquid flows through the blades. Wind turbines are probably the … Read more